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Used for error handling and logging events to console and a set of rolling text log files. - Use it instead of print in your Corona project - Your messages will be printed in console but also logged in text files
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TexturePacker's multipack option created loads of files? Tell this where they are and it gives you a function which fetches the right sheet and frame index for each image without you needing to worry about them
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This is a simple module I created to help streamline network requests to Stripe's payment API. With this module, you can charge a card, create and manage customers, refund customers, and more.
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An Executive is basically an object collection, with proper constructors and destructors. There is an asynchronous message system, a timer system and an update system.
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I Work at we work with documents, and this documents have signature. So we created a signature algorithm, to try to be as close as possible to the signature behavior of a pen.
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