Some functions to make reading and writing files a little easier. The premise is that a function which reads (returns the contents of a file) will also write if provided data to save.

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This small useful module can be used to store and retrieve values across different app sessions.
A lot of people found it useful in Code Exchange 1, so am reposting it here


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A library class for saving data. It uses internally a fast sqlite database as a key-value store.

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A simple grid to create columns in your Corona SDK project. Now its easier to create lay-outs that work on all devices and resolutions.


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Cleans rich text so that HTML is cleanly removed, p and br tags are reduced to new lines and some special characters are replaced with the text equivalents.

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- Find current GPS position every X seconds
- Avoid battery draining for searching GPS

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Do you want to calculate the distances between different GPS markers?
Do you want to sort the markers by distance?
Then this is what you're looking for!

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Module to add Dropbox integration to your Corona project.

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ModeloEspecial is an ORM that is inspired heavily by Backbone.Model. It takes an object oriented approach to database interaction.

We are using this in production, and it has already saved us hundreds of lines of code, in addition to making it more modular and understandable.

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Two functions to easily load and save a table of Lua data to your apps storage.

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