A color module for Corona SDK. This module helps you call color percentage values for use with Corona's Graphic 2.0. Now you can also update the colorList with your own Lua table of data or an externally defined JSON file. If you want me to add something to this mod then feel free to create a feature ticket.

Current Version 0.4

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it will give you a feeling of a spaceship moving in space

another function could show planets and nebulae with different speeds

you can also tweak it a little bit and create different transition speeds for stars depending on their sizes

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i think the idea is cool

just one loop will create small objects (circles or rectangles) to fill the screen
each object will have the same touch event which will fill the object with a randomly selected color

add a few lines to have different background color, and different sizes for your objects

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A template to be used with Animo (Spriteloq) to export Flash assets for Corona with graphics 2.0.

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Hello, I am Brazilian, so any errors in the writing, I apologize.

First Understood the Beziel Curve Proprierties

local curve = bezier:curve({xInitial, xControlPoint1, xControlPoint2, xControlPoint3}, {yInitial, yControlPoint1, yControlPoint2, yControlPoint3})


local bezier = require('bezier')

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Ellipse class with intersection testing and a vertices functions that returns points for any arc on the circumference of a circle or ellipse. Includes a main.lua visual test program.

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TexturePacker's multipack option created loads of files? Tell this where they are and it gives you a function which fetches the right sheet and frame index for each image without you needing to worry about them

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I Work at we work with documents, and this documents have signature.
So we created a signature algorithm, to try to be as close as possible to the signature behavior of a pen.
Anyway please fell free to copy, change improve, and let us know what do you think.
We used, this tutorial

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Custom texturepacker filter that uses the physical folder names for the sprites to add sequence data to the normal corona image sheet exporter.

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Animate, draw, do pretty much anything with Bitmapped Fonts produced by programs like GlyphDesigner

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