This is a port of Objective-C ARKit for iPhone ( It uses "camera" type for the fill and shows points of interest as overlays. Basically it does the math needed to position the items properly for you.

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This is for anyone who wants a good basic camp fire effect without wanting to spend money on particle emitter. Feel free to add to it to make it more realistic.

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A list of RGB colours with supporting functions and Gfx2.0 colour code conversion.

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Just a test grid layout that I made the other day, wanted to see how I could fill the screen with cubes :)

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An implementation of a Bitmap Font SpriteSheet using Corona. The example shows one of the effects you can achieve when using Bitmap Fonts.

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I've tried to implement a similar drag effect as seen here:

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A simple grid to create columns in your Corona SDK project. Now its easier to create lay-outs that work on all devices and resolutions.


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Use color names instead of numbers

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