Simple example for Toast Notification without any plugins for Corona SDK.

For all supported platforms!

How to use?

• Add toast.lua in your Corona project root directory

• Add string 'require "toast"' in main.lua

• For display a toast notification, use next code:

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This function returns a matrix of RGB values that allow you to gradually change from one color to another using a single index, like the position of a scrollview/springboard.

It takes a two dimensional array of RGB colors, each page width and the total amount of pages.

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Flood fill a display object with a Gfx2.0 gradient fill. Can be used to provide the Android Material Design button interaction animation, eg:

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This is an empty project template for Corona SDK starters, explaining some of the basic concepts and providing an example project organization.

Some of the basic concepts included and explained in this template are:

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This is a short and robust implementation of a springboard, using Corona's scrollView widget.
It supports two kinds of touch events: a quick touch and flip, or a slow page drag and release.

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Modified version of Corona SlideView.

You can add your external listener (callback) and add any display objects.

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iOS 7 style back swipe navigation library with demonstration app. Includes a template scene file.

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An implementation of a Bitmap Font SpriteSheet using Corona. The example shows one of the effects you can achieve when using Bitmap Fonts.

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A simple grid to create columns in your Corona SDK project. Now its easier to create lay-outs that work on all devices and resolutions.


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This is a little example that I use to my app, is a autoscroll menu. The basic function is, when the user hits the square at the left top corner the menu appear using a transtion.

You can view the functionality here:

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