A pure-Lua text rendering module for Corona SDK which can handle basic HTML, fonts, font-styles, and even basic font metrics.

This module renders text close to a proper desktop publishing program like Adobe InDesign. That means I can position text correctly on screen for books, etc.

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A Date Picker Wheel widget that actually adjusts for the different number of days in each months, and even accounts for leap years!

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Project for the Moving Objects Along a Path tutorial at: http://coronalabs.com/blog/2014/01/07/tutorial-moving-objects-along-a-path/

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A drop-in replacement easing curve for transition.to animations, based on a damped spring.

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These are a couple modules I've put together to deal with some of my layout needs.

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MorphingLabel is a simple module to easily allow you to animate changing a label's text. It works by duplicating the text object and crossfading/scaling between the old and new text for a seamless look.

Example morph gif

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This is a short and robust implementation of a springboard, using Corona's scrollView widget.
It supports two kinds of touch events: a quick touch and flip, or a slow page drag and release.

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