An implementation of a Bitmap Font SpriteSheet using Corona. The example shows one of the effects you can achieve when using Bitmap Fonts.

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A simple grid to create columns in your Corona SDK project. Now its easier to create lay-outs that work on all devices and resolutions.

Preview: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3c91f798ne27r2l/example.png

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Adds a raw and buggy support for native.newTextField and native.newTextBox functions on windows. Very useful to test textfields without build for a specific device.

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Sample main demonstrating testing a polygon and it's points for concave status.

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Various utility functions which don't have a home elsewhere. This library helps get useful screen dimensions and perform display group operations etc.

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As you already know, native text fields in Corona don't scroll with the OpenGL canvas......I've built this "form" module to support creating fields and managing their placement on the screen (relative to keyboard).

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By measuring the total font height and where the actual text is visible from top and bottom, you can get the percentage offset required to get perfect placement. Because it's different in the Corona Simulator, Android, and iOS, you need to do this at least 3 times.

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A module to position display objects on different screen resolutions. This helper will only work with the newest version of Corona (Graphics 2.0). Anchors and screen orientations are internally managed to provide consistency.

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