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Needing a more elegant console solution for on-device debugging I have built this library which is easily added to a project and will display a debug console on device shake. Many customisation options are available such as:
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Hello everybody, A couple a months ago I started writing an ORM for Corona SDK projects, this is what I have reached so far, I hope some of you find it handy. All the information of how to use it is in the Repo.
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it just came to mind, just try it, the outcome looks cool, but not sure for what it can be used for :-)
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I just started a new project and thought this kind of code may be helpful for people trying to learn.
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A color module for Corona SDK. This module helps you call color percentage values for use with Corona's Graphic 2.0. Now you can also update the colorList with your own Lua table of data or an externally defined JSON file.
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