Simple example for Toast Notification without any plugins for Corona SDK.

For all supported platforms!

How to use?

• Add toast.lua in your Corona project root directory

• Add string 'require "toast"' in main.lua

• For display a toast notification, use next code:

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Simple artificial intelligence for Corona SDK

  • easy connect to the project
  • light, fast and easy in use
  • flexible
  • extensiable


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Hello Guys, Send for all, Virtual Joystick module with player sprite working perfect.

Sorry for my english, i am brazilian.

Thanks for all.

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This is an empty project template for Corona SDK starters, explaining some of the basic concepts and providing an example project organization.

Some of the basic concepts included and explained in this template are:

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A template to be used with Animo (Spriteloq) to export Flash assets for Corona with graphics 2.0.

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Basic corona SDK starter template to start your project!

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Custom texturepacker filter that uses the physical folder names for the sprites to add sequence data to the normal corona image sheet exporter.

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Composer/Storyboard if you like doing things with classes rather than files.

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Use Xcode as IDE for Corona SDK

Works with Xcode 4+5 - Corona SDK, Corona Enterprise and CoronaCards

Package includes:

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