color doesn't seem to support color transitions. So I made one myself using enterFrame, which is how I suspect corona's transition library works too.

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Converts your hex (html-format) or RGB values into Corona-compatible format (numbers from 0 to 1). No difficulties, only two functions: hex('value') and rgb(rNum, gNum, bNum).

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A simple helper I wrote so I could reference the same colours throughout my app more easily.

I have a color pallette for my app with named colours which I can refer to whenever I need to set the colour for something.

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This function returns a matrix of RGB values that allow you to gradually change from one color to another using a single index, like the position of a scrollview/springboard.

It takes a two dimensional array of RGB colors, each page width and the total amount of pages.

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A color module for Corona SDK. This module helps you call color percentage values for use with Corona's Graphic 2.0. Now you can also update the colorList with your own Lua table of data or an externally defined JSON file. If you want me to add something to this mod then feel free to create a feature ticket.

Current Version 0.4

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Use color names instead of numbers

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