If you have a game released & live, sometimes it's difficult determining the cause of bugs that your end users have.

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This is a simple module I created to help streamline network requests to Stripe's payment API. With this module, you can charge a card, create and manage customers, refund customers, and more. Hopefully, this will help make Corona a more pertinent business app platform.

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dmc_websockets is an implementation of WebSockets RFC6544 for the Corona SDK.

There are examples available at the github repo.


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dmc_sockets is a non-blocking socket library which uses events or callbacks to notify an application about network changes. It will automatically read all available data into a buffer and notify you when any new data has arrived.

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Load RSS feeds into your app. You can use network.request() to get the text of an RSS feed, pass it to this function and it will return a Lua table to you with each entry from the feed.

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