If you have a game released & live, sometimes it's difficult determining the cause of bugs that your end users have.

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Needing a more elegant console solution for on-device debugging I have built this library which is easily added to a project and will display a debug console on device shake. Many customisation options are available such as:
background colour
font size
console width
line buffer length

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A Lua based table printing function called print_r, named after the PHP function for the same task. This was in the original Corona Community Code exchange by user: OderWat,

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Used for error handling and logging events to console and a set of rolling text log files.
- Use it instead of print in your Corona project
- Your messages will be printed in console but also logged in text files
- A set of rolling text files is used so you can retrace the steps that lead to a bug

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This is a handy library for on-device testing. It creates a small button at the top of the screen that, when touched, will show you debug information that you've printed to the object.

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