dmc_trajectory is a Lua module which moves objects following ballistic trajectories (parabolic motion) without using the physics engine. The module can also auto-rotate objects to match the slope of the trajectory path. Using it is as simple as setting up a transition with a few Corona parameters.

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I've tried to implement a similar drag effect as seen here:

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This function flips a single or multi-element physics body and returns the flipped shape declaration for usage within the "physics.addBody()" API. Currently, this version only supports horizontal flipping (reflection across a theoretical center vertical axis).

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This is a port to LUA and Corona SDK of the Convex Separator for Box2D class written by Antoon Angelov.
It converts complex, non-convex shapes into fully supported multi-bodies.

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To help with the calculation of physics collision categories and masks there is an excellent table available:

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