This program is written in LUA and runs in Corona SDK. Replace 1 main file and generate iOS and Android app icons automatically that are properly named. If you need more icons just add them!

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This library adds a new type of scrollview widget to the widget.* library under the name widget.newDragItemsScrollView(). The scroll view can then have display objects added to it which can be dragged off the scrollview by either touching and holding or pulling them in a given direction.

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Material-ui (MUI) is a loosely based Material UI module for Corona Labs SDK. It is written in Lua using the free edition of the SDK. The module will help build a UI based on Material Design.

Documentation is available at: https://www.anedix.com/docs/mui/

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The layout manager makes it easy to create regions, rectangular areas defined relative to the screen, the stage (which may or may not be the full screen), and to the previously created user-defined regions. The final regions are created with content coordinates.

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This piece of code extends the native.newTextBox so it is possible to turn off the in some cases annoying auto-correction feature.

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This function returns a matrix of RGB values that allow you to gradually change from one color to another using a single index, like the position of a scrollview/springboard.

It takes a two dimensional array of RGB colors, each page width and the total amount of pages.

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Create a drop shadow without the use of snapshot without the use of snapshot.

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DMC Corona UI is an advanced widget library for Corona and contains Widgets, Styles and Controls.

Many of the Widgets wrap other OpenGL or platform-native objects to make them behave more consistently. All of the components are style/theme-aware.

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Flood fill a display object with a Gfx2.0 gradient fill. Can be used to provide the Android Material Design button interaction animation, eg: http://www.google.com/design/spec/components/buttons.html#buttons-flat-r...

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A pure-Lua text rendering module for Corona SDK which can handle basic HTML, fonts, font-styles, and even basic font metrics.

This module renders text close to a proper desktop publishing program like Adobe InDesign. That means I can position text correctly on screen for books, etc.

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