Modified version of Corona SlideView.

You can add your external listener (callback) and add any display objects.

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iOS 7 style back swipe navigation library with demonstration app. Includes a template scene file.

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A template to be used with Animo (Spriteloq) to export Flash assets for Corona with graphics 2.0.

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Animate, draw, do pretty much anything with Bitmapped Fonts produced by programs like GlyphDesigner

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Tableview sample code with pull-down/refresh animation. Leverages code from Rob's tutorial (http://coronalabs.com/blog/2014/03/04/tutorial-advanced-tableview-tactics/)

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A pure-Lua text-rendering module for Corona SDK which can handle basic HTML, fonts, font-styles, and even basic font metrics. It handles left/center/right justification, fonts, bold/italic/underline.
It also creates hyperlinks which can call actions. I use those to open websites, show graphics on the page, etc.

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A list of RGB colours with supporting functions and Gfx2.0 colour code conversion.

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Sample code demonstrating extending the widget framework to create a panel. See: http://coronalabs.com/blog/2014/04/08/widgets-creating-a-sliding-panel/ for a tutorial on this project.

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This small library extends the timer object (performWithDelay, pause, resume, and cancel) to use optional tags.

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