Corona sdk Starter template

Basic corona SDK starter template to start your project!

- Composer for scene management
- Admob preconfigured, just insert Admob ID and enable set _G.modo_free=true in main.lua
- All buttons mapped, and android keys emulated with h: home, +: Vol up, -: Vol down, ESC: back
- Debug messages shown in console controlled by flag _G.modo_debug=true / false, to add new messages on app use this syntax: if _G.modo_debug==true then print("example debug message") end
- Shows in console memory usage if _G.modo_debug==true
- 2 libraries included: common_libs: to control volume, volume control skin, keys, ads
personal_libs: Example personal library for future reference
- Windows script added "corona.bat" which automatically installs apk file located in same directory of the cript, and then starts a debugger to show debugging messages of your app on the computer meanwhile the usb cable maintains plugged.

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