This program is written in LUA and runs in Corona SDK. Replace 1 main file and generate iOS and Android app icons automatically that are properly named. If you need more icons just add them!

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Utility which loads Tiled map (exported to lua format) and provides selector methods for certain elements. Objects returned by these methods can be used as Corona SDK methods input. Currently image, tileset, rectangle or polyline can be retrieved for display. There is also possibility of using polyline as collision shape for image.

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The layout manager makes it easy to create regions, rectangular areas defined relative to the screen, the stage (which may or may not be the full screen), and to the previously created user-defined regions. The final regions are created with content coordinates.

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This piece of code extends the native.newTextBox so it is possible to turn off the in some cases annoying auto-correction feature.

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A simple, elegant, concise helper module that converts quantities between measurement units.
For the moment only common distance units (metric + non-metric) are implemented, but the module can grow.

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A simple helper I wrote so I could reference the same colours throughout my app more easily.

I have a color pallette for my app with named colours which I can refer to whenever I need to set the colour for something.

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Copy/paste string to pasteboard for Mac OS X builds.
Images not supported.

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Graphical representation utilizing the Fibonacci sequence to tell the time.
Clock video demo :

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This function will copy an SQLlite database (or any binary data file) from your app bundle and put it into a writable area like system.DocumentsDirectory.

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