Simple AI for Corona SDK

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Simple artificial intelligence for Corona SDK

  • easy connect to the project
  • light, fast and easy in use
  • flexible
  • extensiable


Creates an object with specific behavior, which can contact (fire, visual contact, collision) with the object having type "player" (and other objects if needed).


  1. Download the latest version of file "SimpleAI.lua"
  2. Put it in your project root directory (for example root/classes/SimpleAI.lua)
  3. Connect file SimpleAI.lua to your level file
    local newAI = require('classes.SimpleAI').newAI -- because we put file "SimpleAI.lua" to the directory "classes"

  4. Create enemy object
    local enemy = newAI({group = yourGroup, img = "img.png", x = 100, y = 50, ai_type = "patrol"})

  5. Enjoy

Under MIT license

Documentation and code examples at