Game Logic

Simple example for Toast Notification without any plugins for Corona SDK.

For all supported platforms!

How to use?

• Add toast.lua in your Corona project root directory

• Add string 'require "toast"' in main.lua

• For display a toast notification, use next code:

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Simple controller you can use to add multiple joysticks and buttons on screen. Very modifiable.
Very simple to use. There is a sample program that shows using two joysticks and handling their movements with timers and with event handlers that you pass into the controller.

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Simple artificial intelligence for Corona SDK

  • easy connect to the project
  • light, fast and easy in use
  • flexible
  • extensiable


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2d Math Library for Corona SDK / Lua

Point is a 2d math library for Corona SDK or just plain ol' lua. It allows us to think of positions within corona as single units (points) vs independent x and y coordinates. You can run methods directly on those points.

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A game that give you a first contact with Programming Logical aspects.

Made as a requirement to the PGP discipline at the brazilian university IFSP.

Almost all the documentation and code comments are in portuguese.

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Hello Guys, Send for all, Virtual Joystick module with player sprite working perfect.

Sorry for my english, i am brazilian.

Thanks for all.

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If you want to place a vertical progress indicator in your code here is how to do it!

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If you want to animate different objects throughout the game with proper time interval of time, you can use this code. I've used this in my game to animate balloons and other objects in game.
Also this will help to call different functions at different interval of time.

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Well, there is a time ago was looking for a function that uses one button with two functions, and saw the people looking for it. I found a possible solution that worked for me. and I will share here.

Hello, I am Brazilian and sorry for any errors, my English is bad.
The sample code can be downloaded from the gist attached link.

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Here is a handy lua Corona Labs code chunk to convert xyz accelerometer data to degrees.

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