2d Math Library for Corona SDK / Lua

Point is a 2d math library for Corona SDK or just plain ol' lua. It allows us to think of positions within corona as single units (points) vs independent x and y coordinates. You can run methods directly on those points.

Comments, 235 Votes - submitted on 17/05/2016 view repo doesn't seem to support color transitions. So I made one myself using enterFrame, which is how I suspect corona's transition library works too.

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Hello Guys, Send for all, Virtual Joystick module with player sprite working perfect.

Sorry for my english, i am brazilian.

Thanks for all.

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This function returns a matrix of RGB values that allow you to gradually change from one color to another using a single index, like the position of a scrollview/springboard.

It takes a two dimensional array of RGB colors, each page width and the total amount of pages.

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If you want to place a vertical progress indicator in your code here is how to do it!

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Corona planet shader v0.1

Teaser image -

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If you want to animate different objects throughout the game with proper time interval of time, you can use this code. I've used this in my game to animate balloons and other objects in game.
Also this will help to call different functions at different interval of time.

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A drop-in replacement easing curve for animations, based on a damped spring.

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