MorphingLabel is a simple module to easily allow you to animate changing a label's text. It works by duplicating the text object and crossfading/scaling between the old and new text for a seamless look.

Example morph gif

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it just came to mind, just try it, the outcome looks cool, but not sure for what it can be used for :-)

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it will give you a feeling of a spaceship moving in space

another function could show planets and nebulae with different speeds

you can also tweak it a little bit and create different transition speeds for stars depending on their sizes

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A template to be used with Animo (Spriteloq) to export Flash assets for Corona with graphics 2.0.

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Animate, draw, do pretty much anything with Bitmapped Fonts produced by programs like GlyphDesigner

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syncSound.lua is a Corona SDK module to add audio/video narration functionality with a couple simple function calls. syncSound adds the following functionality:

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This is for anyone who wants a good basic camp fire effect without wanting to spend money on particle emitter. Feel free to add to it to make it more realistic.

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dmc_trajectory is a Lua module which moves objects following ballistic trajectories (parabolic motion) without using the physics engine. The module can also auto-rotate objects to match the slope of the trajectory path. Using it is as simple as setting up a transition with a few Corona parameters.

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A list of RGB colours with supporting functions and Gfx2.0 colour code conversion.

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An implementation of a Bitmap Font SpriteSheet using Corona. The example shows one of the effects you can achieve when using Bitmap Fonts.

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