Simple example for Toast Notification without any plugins for Corona SDK.

For all supported platforms!

How to use?

• Add toast.lua in your Corona project root directory

• Add string 'require "toast"' in main.lua

• For display a toast notification, use next code:

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A simple, elegant, concise helper module that converts quantities between measurement units.
For the moment only common distance units (metric + non-metric) are implemented, but the module can grow.

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This function will copy an SQLlite database (or any binary data file) from your app bundle and put it into a writable area like system.DocumentsDirectory.

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If you have a game released & live, sometimes it's difficult determining the cause of bugs that your end users have.

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Saving to Cloudant DBaaS from Corona SDK

Cloudant DBaaS 101

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Hello everybody,
A couple a months ago I started writing an ORM for Corona SDK projects, this is what I have reached so far, I hope some of you find it handy.

All the information of how to use it is in the Repo.

Update [10/12/2014]

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Used for downloading image resources on device based on display.imageSuffix. Benefits: reduces APK / IPA size, reduces application's size on device, each device downloads images only for its own resolution.

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SQLite database interface wrapper.

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Building a scrabble game, or any game where you need to check for correct words. Wordz.lua has over 100,000 words in its dictionary with character lengths from 2 - 28. There are functions to verify if the word is usable, to remove words from the list, and to limit the character count of words.

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