If you have a game released & live, sometimes it's difficult determining the cause of bugs that your end users have.

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This is a simple module I created to help streamline network requests to Stripe's payment API. With this module, you can charge a card, create and manage customers, refund customers, and more. Hopefully, this will help make Corona a more pertinent business app platform.

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This gist includes two files: 1) dropboxModule.lua which allows your code to connect Dropbox and allows your user to authorize access for your app. It is based on oAuth 1.0. 2) download.lua is an example of how your code should call the functions in dropboxModule.lua

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dmc_websockets is an implementation of WebSockets RFC6544 for the Corona SDK.

There are examples available at the github repo.


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dmc_sockets is a non-blocking socket library which uses events or callbacks to notify an application about network changes. It will automatically read all available data into a buffer and notify you when any new data has arrived.

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A simple connectivity checker.
Example of use:

local connection = require("connection")
connection.test(function (isAvaliable)
    if isAvailable then
       print("Connection available!")
        print("No connection :(")
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Abstract RESTful API class


Easy to implement.

API description in LUA table


currently support:
- Kinvey

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OpenSource multiplayer and network messaging for CoronaSDK, Moai, Gideros & LÖVE

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Module to add Dropbox integration to your Corona project.

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