Corona module for displaying text and syncing audio narration to animated highlighting of the displayed text

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syncSound.lua is a Corona SDK module to add audio/video narration functionality with a couple simple function calls. syncSound adds the following functionality:

Import audio and text directly from Audacity export files (no hardcoding)
Define text size/color/position
Define the highlighting text color
Ability to add a text bubble background behind the text
Choose the background bubble color and alpha values (if the background bubble is enabled)
Define the audio volue and channel
Choose to have the text highlighted in sync with audio narration
Add the ability to click each word and have just that word spoken and highlighted
syncSound function returns all text as a single displayGroup object so it can be manipulated together
Select the direction text should be read (left to right or right to left) and alter position automatically

Now you can record your book's text, label the audio tracks, and simply import those files to add the text to your app with synced highlighting (and so much more!)

Documentation on how to use the module is included in the README.
Example code is included in the main.lua file of the repo.

Works with Corona build #: