Game Logic

I just started a new project and thought this kind of code may be helpful for people trying to learn.

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it will give you a feeling of a spaceship moving in space

another function could show planets and nebulae with different speeds

you can also tweak it a little bit and create different transition speeds for stars depending on their sizes

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i think the idea is cool

just one loop will create small objects (circles or rectangles) to fill the screen
each object will have the same touch event which will fill the object with a randomly selected color

add a few lines to have different background color, and different sizes for your objects

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A simple Lua/Corona module for an on-screen joystick. Based on code from Rob Miracle (, somewhat simplified, removed some nice-ities, but it still works.

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An Executive is basically an object collection, with proper constructors and destructors. There is an asynchronous message system, a timer system and an update system. What it provides over classic Lua OOP is proper tidying up, the ability to have independent objects, and reusable library objects.

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Building a scrabble game, or any game where you need to check for correct words. Wordz.lua has over 100,000 words in its dictionary with character lengths from 2 - 28. There are functions to verify if the word is usable, to remove words from the list, and to limit the character count of words.

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Composer/Storyboard if you like doing things with classes rather than files.

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A list of RGB colours with supporting functions and Gfx2.0 colour code conversion.

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Clone of 2048 built in Corona SDK

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This small library extends the timer object (performWithDelay, pause, resume, and cancel) to use optional tags.

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