Simple example for Toast Notification without any plugins for Corona SDK.

For all supported platforms!

How to use?

• Add toast.lua in your Corona project root directory

• Add string 'require "toast"' in main.lua

• For display a toast notification, use next code:

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The layout manager makes it easy to create regions, rectangular areas defined relative to the screen, the stage (which may or may not be the full screen), and to the previously created user-defined regions. The final regions are created with content coordinates.

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2d Math Library for Corona SDK / Lua

Point is a 2d math library for Corona SDK or just plain ol' lua. It allows us to think of positions within corona as single units (points) vs independent x and y coordinates. You can run methods directly on those points.

Comments, 461 Votes - submitted on 17/05/2016 view repo doesn't seem to support color transitions. So I made one myself using enterFrame, which is how I suspect corona's transition library works too.

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Converts your hex (html-format) or RGB values into Corona-compatible format (numbers from 0 to 1). No difficulties, only two functions: hex('value') and rgb(rNum, gNum, bNum).

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Create a filled or unfilled circle or ring and move the output polygon by the circle centre not the polygon centre.

Requires the mathlib library:

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Uses snapshots and text objects to make outlined text in the Corona SDK. Good performance since the outlines are only drawn when the text changes...

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Graphical representation utilizing the Fibonacci sequence to tell the time.
Clock video demo :

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Simple code that allows multitouch and single touch on an image.
In my project I added lots of assets on top of the image and put them all in a container. This allowed me move a chart (map) and overlay marks and routes and have them all zoom, pinch and scroll.

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This function returns a matrix of RGB values that allow you to gradually change from one color to another using a single index, like the position of a scrollview/springboard.

It takes a two dimensional array of RGB colors, each page width and the total amount of pages.

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