Create a drop shadow without the use of snapshot without the use of snapshot.

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@@ Currently working on Corona Simulator, XCode Simulator and IOS build This is a module I initially made because I often end up making an intro with images, explaining how to play.

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If you want to place a vertical progress indicator in your code here is how to do it!

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A pure-Lua text rendering module for Corona SDK which can handle basic HTML, fonts, font-styles, and even basic font metrics.

This module renders text close to a proper desktop publishing program like Adobe InDesign. That means I can position text correctly on screen for books, etc.

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Corona planet shader v0.1

Teaser image -

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A shader that waves back and forth.

Add an image of your choice called "Image1.jpg" to test.

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This is a sample generator shader, using 2D simplex noise (as implemented here, with a few parameters exposed to fancy it up.

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Snapshot Fixes

Drop-in fixes for 2 corona snapshot issues.

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Two realtime blur effect modules. These modules simulates a blur effect. The effect is not pixel based. The aim was to keep the module running with all Corona editions so I only used the tools supported by the starter edition.

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it just came to mind, just try it, the outcome looks cool, but not sure for what it can be used for :-)

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