Updated mathematics library including polygon and various trigonometry functions.

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App creates star polygons at random locations. A tap on the polygon calls a general-purpose triangulator, adds the triangles as physics bodies, and gives them a spin to simulate an explosion. When all the fragments have flown off the screen, a new star is created.

The triangulator code can easily be snipped for other purposes.

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Corona SDK example showing how to create and endless scroller type game.

See the video at:

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Corona SDK example showing how to use a beating heart as a life meter. Also shows how to change the pitch of a backing track and keep the animation in synch with it.

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This is just one example of what u can achieve with Corona SDK Graphics 2.0. Enjoy

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dmc_kompatible is a Lua module which allows your legacy Corona code written for Graphics 1.0 to run in the new Corona Graphics 2.0 engine within minutes and with minor modifications.

it overrides the necessary methods (setReferencePoint, setFillColor, setTextColor, etc) so that your code can continue to run.

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Perspective is a free, easy to use camera library for integrating a "tracking viewport" into your game.

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CBEffects is the ultimate visual effects engine for Corona SDK. It's infinitely customizable, very easy to use, completely open source, and it offers the fastest and easiest path to the most advanced and stunning particle effects that Corona SDK can create.

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Requiring this function will re-enable obj:setReferencePoint() in Graphics 2.0 for the following objects:

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